Lesson Program at Merriehill

Merriehill Farm offers lessons in all 3 seats (Saddleseat, Hunt Seat, Western) as well as driving, for all ages and levels of experience. Our lessons are 30 minutes in length and are in a heated arena during the winter months. 
Lessons are $40.00 per half hour.
Please contact us at 815-568-7392 to schedule your lesson now! Special Packages and Group lessons/rates available.
Here is some info on our lesson horses: 
  • Rhythm Latte – “Leroy”- Leroy is 13 years old and our resident “SMorgan.” He is part Morgan and part Saddlebred. He is our advanced lesson horse and is used for the advanced riders or drivers who are ready for the show ring. Leroy is very fun and loves to challenge his riders to make them ready for the Show Ring. 
  • October Beaumont- “Beau”- Beau is an 11 year old Morgan. Beau is used for the beginner and intermediate riders in Saddle and Hunt Seat. Beau is very sweet and loyal and takes very well to his other nickname of “Eeyore.” Beau and Leroy are best friends and like to hang out. 
  • Merriehill Talk The Talk- “Buster” Buster is 15 years old and showed many years successfully in the Classic Division at Local and Regional Morgan Shows. Buster gives lessons in Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat and Western and gives lessons to all levels of riders. 
  • Evan Almighty- “Pony”- Pony is 9 years old and is a Welsh/Shetland Pony cross. Pony is a lot of fun to ride and is for the more experienced rider as he seems to have short man syndrome.
  • Shame Shame Shame- "JD" is an nine year old American Saddlebred.  JD is new to the program having arrived in September 2011.  JD loves to be entertained and is for the advanced to intermediate rider/driver. 


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